701 Series

Class-leading efficiency, 3rd party performance verified, commercial-duty construction and premium components. A premium and affordable replacement for Friedrich and Weil-McLean Climate Master 701/07-09-12 chassis, and RetroAire R21C or RC21 chassis.

Universal Replacement For:

Freidrich Climate Master 701 701, 701-07, 701-09, 701-12
RetroAire R21 , RC21 , RH21 R21C, R21C07, R21C09, R21C12, RC2107, RC2109, RC2112, R21H, R21H07, R21H09, R21H12, RH2107, RH2109, RH2112, R21C09A0, R21C12A0, R21C09D0, R21C09D1, R21C09D2, R21C09D3, R21C09D4, R21C09D5, R21C12D0, R21C012D1, R21C12D2, R21C12D3, R21C12D4, R21C12D5, R21C09E1, R21C09E2, R21C09E3, R21C09E4, R21C09E5, R21C12E0, R21C012E1, R21C12E2, R21C12E3, R21C12E4, R21C12E5, RC2109A0, RC2112A0, RC2109D0, RC2109D1, RC2109D2, RC2109D3, RC2109D4, RC2109D5, RC2112D0, RC21012D1, RC2112D2, RC2112D3, RC2112D4, RC2112D5, RC2109E1, RC2109E2, RC2109E3, RC2109E4, RC2109E5, RC2112E0, RC21012E1, RC2112E2, RC2112E3, RC2112E4, RC2112E5, R21C09E02AAAAOA, RC2112D02AAAXAA
Weil-McLain Climate Master 701 701, 701-07, 701-09, 701-12