A simple field-installed CLIMATROL kit plus a wall thermostat allows use of the modern SC chassis for replacement of Fedders Unizone, Emerson CMEO, Worthington or Mueller Climatrol.

Universal Replacement For:

RetroAire R80 , RC80 , RH80, R80C, R80H R80, R80C, R80H, RC80, RH80, R80C09, R80C12, RC8009, RC8012, R80H, R80H09, R80H12, RH8009, RH8012, R80C09A0, R80C12A0, R80C09D0, R80C09D1, R80C09D2, R80C09D3, R80C09D4, R80C09D5, R80C12D0, R80C012D1, R80C12D2, R80C12D3, R80C12D4, R80C12D5, R80C09E1, R80C09E2, R80C09E3, R80C09E4, R80C09E5, R80C12E0, R80C012E1, R80C12E2, R80C12E3, R80C12E4, R80C12E5, RC8009A0, RC8012A0, RC8009D0, RC8009D1, RC8009D2, RC8009D3, RC8009D4, RC8009D5, RC8012D0, RC80012D1, RC8012D2, RC8012D3, RC8012D4, RC8012D5, RC8009E1, RC8009E2, RC8009E3, RC8009E4, RC8009E5, RC8012E0, RC80012E1, RC8012E2, RC8012E3, RC8012E4, RC8012E5, R80C09E02AAAAOA, RC8012D02AAAXAA, RC8009D07CABL0B
Fedders Unizone, Fedders CMEO
Islandaire UN EZ, EZ Series UN, EZ UN
Emerson CMEO
Mueller Climatrol
Worthington Climatrol