How do I figure out what size of replacement unit I require?

The size of what you require for a replacement unit will depend on the size of the current PTACs sleeve. Measure the width and height of the sleeve (not the ptac itself) and use those measurements to find possible suitable replacements using our replacement guide.

Please note there are many variables that come into play when selecting a unit for replacement.

We recommend contacting a local distributor to assist you with finding the right PTAC for your needs.

How do I find a distributor in my area?

You can use our handy distributor locator by clicking here.

What is Inverter technology?

The I42 Inverter incorporates state-of-the-art INVERTER technology not found in any other PTAC, yet it fits into standard 16 x 42 PTAC sleeves. The INVERTER technology slows the compressor RPM to match the part-load cooling or heating power required, which leads to a substantial reduction in power consumption.

I need a service call and my unit is under warranty. Who do I call?

In the event your unit needs servicing, contact Applied Comfort at 1-877-227-7822. Service performed prior to contacting Applied Comfort will not be eligible for coverage. When requesting service, please have the model number, serial number, purchase date and description of the problem available.

I need a service call and my unit is not under warranty. Who do I call?

If your PTAC needs servicing, you can find a local distributor/contractor by clicking here.

How do I purchase an extended warranty?

You can purchase the optional extended warranty for your PTAC within the first year of ownership by calling Applied Comfort at 1-877-227-7822. For more details on the optional 6 year extended warranty, please visit our warranty page.

How do I register my PTAC for the 1 year warranty?

There is no need to register your PTAC with Applied Comfort. Ownership of the unit is proof enough if you ever need to make a warranty claim. We make ownership easy!

I want to purchase a PTAC. Where do I find pricing?

Please contact a local distributor to get pricing and more information on Applied Comfort PTAC units by using our distributor locator.

I need technical assistance for my PTAC. Who do I call?

For any technical assistance or questions, please contact Applied Comfort at 1-877-227-7822. One of our engineers will be able to provide fast assistance to your inquiry.

How do I get replacement parts or air filters for my PTAC?

For any replacement parts or air filters, please contact your local distributor.

How do I find my PTACs serial number?

If you are not able to find the serial number for your PTAC, please call 1-877-227-7822 for assistance.

Why should I buy a PTAC over a window air conditioner?

Both window and wall mounted air conditioning units achieve the same end goal, there are some aspects of each that can be more beneficial depending on the type of space that you have. Find out more here

What is a PTAC and how can it save me money?

With a PTAC unit from Applied Comfort, you only need to cool one room at a time. Additionally, each room can be set to a unique temperature, allowing occupants to stay comfortable based on their personal preference. Find out more here

I have a hotel, will PTACS work?

At Applied Comfort, we understand the complex air conditioning requirements that are unique to the hospitality industry. You can find out more here


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