For the Good of All

27th May 2020

Applied Comfort Products has made some internal changes to benefit not only the environment, but the people who put their heart and soul into each PTAC that comes off the production line. Our goal is to be kinder to our environment and continue to make the production process smarter.

Improving production efficiencies not only means increased unit output, but also reduces the use of resources such as hydro and natural gas. Streamlining production has reduced the company’s waste footprint by substantially reducing the amount of garbage and cardboard being used. Reusing shipping materials that would previously have been thrown away is also contributing to the significant reduction in waste generated.

The production line has been updated and streamlined. New shelving directly on the product line brings frequently used items close to hand and provides better organization for the teams. All workstations and the sub-assembly cells were re-positioned to bring them closer to where they were needed, which has improved the flow of product direct to the line resulting in a 60% decrease in product assembly changeover time.

With the increased organization on the line, a new area for skid building was created. This area has made a huge impact as it provides a way to reuse old and broken skids and refurbish them for use in our shipping and warehouse. New skids can now be made as they are needed so only raw materials need to be ordered and stocked, taking up less space and creating less waste.

The insulation booth, racking, and the PTAC testing booth were refurbished and freshly painted and the warehouse area and racking have been identified with location markers speeding up the picking process. All of these changes resulted in an 80% increase in daily unit production.

None of this would have been possible without working together with the production team, as it was their feedback and recommendations on how they could work more efficiently, whilst reducing waste, that were implemented. Applied Comfort has an ongoing commitment to listen and act upon innovative ideas that arise from the team and it is our goal to reduce our waste footprint, improve efficiency and deliver high quality products to our customers.

Pictured above: The new product line