Introducing our NEW VTAC Series!

18th May 2021

We are really excited to introduce the new Applied Comfort VTAC. Designed for the new construction and replacement market, the series offers a cost-effective and space-saving air conditioning and heating solution. Ideally suited to the residential and hospitality sector, the discreet design and vertical housing allow the unit to be easily installed in a closet.

The unit is designed with brushless motors on both the indoor and outdoor side, which create a more comfortable and quieter environment, while increasing the energy efficiency of the unit. The stepless fans offer more stable operation and allow individual users a more personalized air conditioning solution, and the external air duct makes it ideal to provide heating and cooling for small rooms through to multi-room apartments or hotel suites.

The high-efficiency design of these vertical heat pumps meets the Department of Energy (DOE) requirements for energy efficiency with EER ratings of 11 and above, SEER of up to 16 and COP of 3.3 and above.

The VTAC unit will be offered with a fixed speed or with an inverter compressor for the Canadian market.